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Weekly meetings are held every Tuesday from 7:00pm-8:30pm at Timberline Church Rooms 201 and 202 (east doors)

2908 S. Timberline Rd
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"I like scouts because I have fun camping with my friends"

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Jamboree on the Internet: Special Edition arrives at exactly the right time

Posted on Apr 2 2020 - 9:27am

Self-isolation can feel pretty lonely.

But this weekend will bring a welcome reminder that as Scouts, we’re never truly alone.

From April 3–5, join a special edition of Jamboree on the Internet, a digital event designed to help Scouts make new friends, develop skills, and learn how to take good care of themselves and others.

Spring Camporee has been Cancelled

Posted on Apr 1 2020 - 8:36pm

With the current health risk or the Corona virus, the Spring Camporee has been canceled.  The District Committee determined that it was best to keep everyone safe. Troop 188 adult leadership will be discussing this development and decide if we will replace it with a Troop-specific event late in May. Please contact Tom Damiana (970 817 3172 or damiana@frii.com) if you have questions or concerns.

Need signed off on Rank and Merit Badge Requirements? - Adult Leaders are Standing by Virtually to Help!

Posted on Mar 25 2020 - 8:53pm

Just because in-person meetings are suspended, don’t stop working on your rank and merit badge requirements. And when you are ready to get signed off, your adult leaders are standing by to sign off requirements over video and teleconferencing.  This includes rank requirements, Boards of Review, and Merit Badges. It is as simple as reaching out to an adult leader via email and scheduling a meeting. Adult leader contact information can be found by visiting the Troop website, navigating to the "Troop Roster" on the left side of the home page and searching for the adult you want to work with.  If all else fails, just reach out to your Senior Patrol Leader (owen@dorlac.net) or Scoutmaster (federico.pacheco@comcast.net) for help.

Summer Camp plans at BDSR are Moving Forward!!!!

Posted on Mar 25 2020 - 8:46pm

We have heard from Camp and none of their plans are changing except to take extra precautions with the Scouts while they are at camp. There are still plenty of slots available, so if you have not signed up yet, please do it now!  If you have signed up, please note the following action items:

April Campout Cancellation

Posted on Mar 25 2020 - 8:44pm

The Troop will not be trying to schedule an alternative to the canceled Air Force campout. We were hoping to schedule an alternative in its place but after additional consideration we have decided to cancel all plans for an April campout and set our sights on Spring Camporee the first weekend of May. Keep your fingers crossed, sign up on the Troop website, and watch for updates.  Questions?  Contact Tom Damiana – 970 817 3172 or damiana@frii.com

Sign-up NOW for the Air Force Academy Campout!

Posted on Mar 11 2020 - 6:43pm

April 17-19 - Early registration is important for us to get a solid headcount by the end of Spring Break so that we can properly plan and coordinate activities with Academy Staff!  We are planning a packed weekend including an Air Field tour, Cadet Area tour, Aeronautics Lab tour, and more.